The Secret to: How I Went From 600 to 50K Tweet Impressions in 4 Months

I know what you're thinking...what is a "tweet impression"? Well, I'll tell you! A tweet impression is the number of times a tweet from your account (or mention of your account) appears in a users' Twitter feed. This includes your tweets, tweets that mention you and re-tweets of your content. To some people this may not be very important but to me it's huge! That's a pretty big number listed above which means that is how many "impressions" my Twitter account is leaving.

*I am basically explaining this to you the best way that I understand it, so if at any point you feel like I'm misquoting something, please let me know! 

This is my analytics account as of today. I haven't been tweeting as much because I was finishing up school but now that I'm back on track, my tweets should go up! As you can see, everything else is in the positives. I am up in followers (reached the 500 milestone!) and I'm up in mentions & profile visits! It's exciting to see these numbers but how did I get here? 

Let me tell you...


Twitter Chats:

I am going to speak the truth. Twitter chats is what has probably driven most of my numbers! This is the BEST networking tool for any blogger to use. I am constantly meeting new bloggers in these chats and learning as I go. I recently did a post on

how Twitter chats work

because understanding how to utilize them is key. At the end of each chat you are able to share your links and really spread your connections even more. It's not only a good time for blog growth but also a good time to just communicate and learn from one another. I highly recommend Twitter chats if you are just starting out...they can be so, so helpful!

*This is an easy to follow

Twitter chat calendar

that I still love by XOMISSE! 


The Power of Hashtags:

I thoroughly believe that hashtags are underused in the Twitter community. I use them prevalently on Instagram and it's how I expand my reach - so I try and do the same thing on Twitter. This is vital, I believe, to getting your tweet seen! I try and use hashtags that make sense to my post but also ones that might be trending that day. #ootd seems to be a popular one and depending on what type of blogger you are you can use #lblogger #bblogger etc. Use as many as you can in 140 characters! 


RT Services:

These are magic. I didn't find these until about three months into blogging but once I did it was an entirely different ballgame. Once you have completed a tweet...make sure that you tag or mention an RT service. I.e. @BBlogRT @FemaleBloggerRT etc. These are Twitter handlers set up especially to re-tweet(RT) your tweets. This expands your reach exponentially. Some RT handlers have several thousand followers - so right there alone you are reaching their followers... if they re-tweet it you are reaching their followers - and so on and so forth! It just keeps growing!! Which is more than likely, again, how I got my numbers! 

Speaking of.... I'd like to show you my numbers from right after I started blogging in January to now! Just so you can see the power that Twitter has on a blogger and how it can help with your numbers as well. 


Tweets: 66

Profile Visits: 113

New Followers: 3

Tweet Impressions: 660


Tweets: 89

Profile Visits: 133

New Followers: 39

Mentions: 42

Tweet Impressions: 4,920


Tweets: 741

Profile Visits: 1,053

New Followers: 229

Mentions: 773

Tweet Impressions: 40.5K


Tweets: 638

Profile Visits: 5,272

New Followers: 252

Mentions: 1,181

Tweet Impressions: 52.3K

I think it's important to note that there were no mentions in the month of January and those started in February. I believe February was also the month that I encountered Twitter chats and the numbers just went up from there. 

I believe that networking, twitter chats, RT services and the use of hashtags have really helped me grow on Twitter. It's something so simple that each of you can do as well and I hope that this has helped you a little bit to see your potential! 

Do you keep track of your numbers on Twitter? Has this post inspired you to look back and see how far you've come? What's something you didn't know that now you do? Talk to me in the comments below!