About the Blogger: 10 Things You Don't Know

I realized the other day that I've been blogging for about 7 months now and while a lot of you know some stuff about me - there's still a lot you don't know! So, I thought a good way to break that barrier is to let you in and tell you some things about myself :) 

1. I am originally from Kentucky. We moved to Alabama when my dad got a different job and I was about 14. It was the most traumatic experience of my life. I had a boyfriend ( who I thought, clearly, was going to be the one) and my very best friend ( who is still my very best friend). How could I leave them? But I had to...I had no choice. Except, that I stayed with my Grandma for about four months ( which I tried to turn into a lifetime but my parents wouldn't let me ). I just wasn't ready to let my hometown go. It was tough. 

2. I have two siblings: a brother (18) and a sister (10). You could probably guess that with the age difference, the sister was not planned :) But she's one of my favorite people in the entire world and she's super smart - I can't get over it! My brother is a rebel but one of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet... (Does he not resemble Leonardo DiCaprio!?!?!) 

3. I have been a Resident Assistant on campus for the past three years. For those who don't really know what that is.. it's a person who basically facilitates the residents in dorms on campus. However, this past year I was able to go to our off campus apartments and be a resident assistant (PRAISE!) It has been a rewarding experience and I've grown so much leadership wise it's insane. I never knew that working on a team would be so prevalent but it definitely is! 

4. I took two years off of college after my Freshman year. It was a financial type situation but I think I learned a lot about myself in those two years. I learned that I'm self-sufficient, independent and stubborn. When I set my mind to something, I accomplish it! It was such a good feeling coming back to school and knowing that I was able to afford it on my own! 

5. I recently graduated (a week ago, WHAT) with my Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. It. Was. Hard. That's a really hard major - business alone - it took so much out of me but it is so rewarding!! Any fellow marketing majors out there? Say hello! :) 

6. I have been dating the same fella for about eight years now. He still makes my world go round and is so much fun to be with. It's never a boring/dull day with him - let me tell ya! I think we are just kids at heart sometimes and really like to have fun but he also knows how to handle my mood swings (which, ladies, we know is a HUGE plus!) 

7. One time I ran away from home. I actually did it.. We were moving from Kentucky to Alabama and I was staying with my grandmother for a few extra months that semester.. just so I didn't have to up and leave. Well, my family came back up to get me and take me to Alabama and they went to get food - so I left. I booked it out of there. I made it across town, with a little help, to my then boyfriend's house and called my best friend to come meet me. The whole thing was juvenile and ridiculous but it's something I look back on and laugh... I enjoyed that rebel moment for all of those three hours. 

8. I have never broken a single bone up until four years ago...Me and Anthony (le boyfriend) were horsing around on my front porch. Little swinging action...and what do you know we collide and I break the hardest bone in your arm to break. My luck. Not only did I have to get a full arm cast but I also had a beach trip planned and had to go visit family in Kentucky like that. The doctor said it wasn't healing right so instead of it being on for only 4 weeks it ended up being on for 8 weeks. My life, again. It completely altered the way that I slept and till this day I have to sleep with one arm under my pillow and my knee out. Ridiculous! Have you ever broken anything?? 

9. My friend and I tried to start a blog about two years ago. It failed miserably. We had every intention of keeping up with it and really devoting time to it - but school took over and personal lives and there was just no time for it! I really wish we would have stuck with it but I am proud of the fact that I've stuck with this one for so long and really plan to keep going! Did you try to blog before and it just didn't work? 

10. I am 23 almost 24. Yeah, I know... Some people say I look older.. but my Dentist still thinks I'm in high school, so there! Everyone thinks my grandmother is my mom and that my mom is my sister. Yes, she had me young but I love her for it. She's fierce and keeps up with the times. She is the ultimate selfie queen. 

See the one in the front with glasses...that's my mom. See the one next to me with the tongue out? That's my grandmother. I'm clearly in the middle with my graduation cap on ;). 

What's your secrets? What's some things about you that you haven't really shared? I'd love to know! Comment in the comment section below :)