Scheduling "Me" Time

I never get to do this...spend time by myself shopping? What is that? I wouldn't know, until today! I got out of the house for a bit because I was feeling stuffy and had been here for far too long. I was anxiously awaiting my picture taking later today and thought "I have graduation money, why not spend some?" Alas, here I am back with a few goodies and books to read! 

I never go shopping for myself (raise your hand if you're that person!) but today I needed to get a few things so I thought, why not? I ended up picking up a few summer-y shirts, a skirt, dress, hat and a few good books! I still have a few more books to purchase for the summer but these are good starters :). 

I also went to the cutest little antique store here in town. How can you resist it when it has the most adorable light up letters? I had to go in.. It was on my way to get macaroons for the first time! I saw that a local bakery in town had them and I just thought "I have to try them!" However, I can't wait to actually try them in Paris. 

This is by far the cutest bookstore in our town! They buy books and mark them half the price! Best. Place. Ever. I also have been putting to use my Starbucks gift card from my mom's of the best gifts for a coffee addict. 

For me, it's always important to set aside time to spend by myself. I like to hang out with friends & family but I also like to relax and drink a cup of coffee alone. I had the best day just pampering myself and enjoying the beautiful weather.

What do you do when you have a day off? How do you schedule "me" time into your busy lives (cause I know we all have them!) Comment below and tell me your secrets!! 

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