10 Ways to Find Joy in the Simple Things

I want you to read the quote below again and again and again. It struck me so hard and I am still sharing it with everyone that I know, so now I'd like to share it with you. 

Living a life that you love and are proud of is an exciting thing. It makes you wake up in the mornings filled with all sorts of joy. However, I know that we are all human and we go through ups and downs in which it's hard to find the joy in the simple things. This quote, however, is how I want you to start thinking about your life and how you live it on a daily basis. 


If you're stuck in a 9-5 and can't stand it - why are you still there?

If you want that new pair of shoes but have thought of every excuse in the book not to buy them - why not just buy them already?

If you've been dying to go visit a place on your bucket list and explore somewhere new - why haven't you made it happen yet? 

What's going to bring you joy? What's going to make your life a life that you love and are proud to live? I'm going to give you 10, easy ways, to find joy every day in your life and I hope that you start now! You can't settle for a life you don't want just because it's easier. Make it happen. Create the life that YOU want! 

Let's go...!

1. Find a hobby 

For me, travel & blogging are my two main hobbies. It took me quite a while to figure this out because I didn't really have any other hobby but once I found these two - I couldn't let them go. On the weekends, or at night, I'll blog and look up places that I want to visit. It brings me such, such joy to do this. It's something that I thoroughly enjoy and so I encourage you to find something like this. Find something that you can do every day or on the weekends that you look forward to and want to spend your time doing. 

2. get social

I know that I'm the type of person who loves alone time but I also love intriguing, thought provoking conversations. I often find these with my roommate, which is nice, and so challenge yourself to get out and get social. Have conversations that are tough or differing in opinions. Have conversations that challenge your mind or thought process. It's great and it's something that I love. I love learning about people and their stories. Being social is one, great way to find joy in the every day. 

3. read a great book

Transport your mind to somewhere new, somewhere far off or whatever it is that you like to read. Grab a good book, find a nook, cafe, beach, mountain - whatever - and read! Calm your mind and dive into a story. It's a great way to find peace throughout your day and just grab a moment to yourself. 

4. take a bath

Who doesn't love those nicely displayed pictures on Instagram of a person in a bathtub with a tray that has a glass of wine, good book and a candle on it? I do! I think it looks so relaxing no matter how staged it can get. I'd love to just sit in a big bathtub or hot tub for a while and read/drink wine/and relax! Little moments like this can cause you so much joy and if you plan it for one evening, it gives you something to look forward to! 

5. take a vacation

This can be anything from visiting a new city near you, visiting friends/family, going to a new state/country - whatever it is, get out and get exploring. This is probably my favorite tip just because I find that it brings me so much joy. Who else gets excited when they are going to the airport or getting on a train? I do! I get butterflies and can't wait for the adventure lying ahead of me. If you really make an effort, you can do this a few times a year and bring yourself so much joy! Making it a priority and planning it out (if that's how you roll) is a huge help and will get you excited for it's arrival! 

6. get active


You know that saying from Legally Blonde --> it's true! I've never regretted a workout, once. Sure, it's a matter of convincing yourself to get up and get active - but once you do it you feel so much better. 

I like running. I know a lot of people don't prefer that but I love it. I clear my head, listen to good music and always seem to feel a lot better after a good, long run. Whatever you're thing is - whether it's yoga, pilates, boxing, running, cycling, etc. do it! Make it happen and find the joy in it. 

Find something that works best for you and your body and get at it. It's one of the easiest ways, I think, to find a little bit of joy in my days. Not that my days are just sad and depressing, but it's great to look forward to a nice run at the end or if I start my mornings with one. Whatever the case may be, it's nice to do it and it does bring me a little bit of joy each day. 


7. cut things out of your life 

I've learned something over the years...it's that you have to learn to cut things out of your life that are negative or don't benefit you in the slightest. To break this down, it could be anything from: relationships, friendships, jobs, bad habits, etc. You start to realize after a while, that your happiness is very important and if people, jobs or things aren't contributing to that - then get rid of it/them. Let it go. It's not a simple or any easy process but it will make you feel so much better and bring you so much joy in the end. 

I also think this is one of the more important tips I can give you for creating a life you love and living a life full of joy. I've broken up with boyfriends because I knew it wasn't bringing me any joy or making me happy. I've let go of friendships because of the very same thing and it just, sometimes, has to happen. 

You don't owe people any sort of explanation except that it's not benefiting you to stay in this relationship/job/friendship and you have to live your life how you see fit. 

8. indulge every now and then 

I know lots of people who beat themselves up over having a cheeseburger or a milkshake. You know what I say? One, or even two, is NOT going to kill you. Sure, let's not get crazy and have it for breakfast lunch and dinner but seriously; having a cheeseburger, milkshake or whatever it is you like to indulge in once a week or month isn't terrible. It's something that you like and it's something that you enjoy - so let it be just that. A great meal, with great company and in one of your favorite spots. 

Do it. Have that cheeseburger. You won't regret it, I promise. 


9. learn to find the positive

Something that helps with finding joy or creating a life that you love is to stop focusing on the negative. If we constantly thought negatively or let everything that is going on in the world affect us - we'd never have any joy. We'd never live a life that we love and we'd never be happy. Stuff is happening on a daily basis that is bad, terrible, scary and negative but we can't focus on that all the time. We have to find the positive, we have to find our joy and we have to hold on to that. 


10. try something new 

This kind of ties in with finding a new hobby or taking a vacation but try something new. It can be challenging, or not, but try something new once a month, each year, whatever it is that works best for you and your schedule. Try a new food, try paddle boarding, go sky diving, go hiking, learn a new sport, try photography, explore a new area, etc. You could do a lot of new things and it's fun once you do. 

Trying something new is a great way to find some joy and create a life that you love. Who knows, you may learn to surf and have a passion for you. Or, you might find a new coffee shop to work at with a great iced coffee (which I do all the time). Whatever it may be, trying something new often has positive results and helps create the life that you want. So get out there and get trying. 

I hope that you've found something in this post that works for you or that you can apply to your life. I want everyone to live a joyful life and one that is full of things that make you happy. Everyone deserves to live their best life - so go on, live it! 


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