Why Skyscanner Should Be Your Go-To for Cheap Flights: Plus a FREE download

This past month, I was fortunate enough to become a part of the Skyscanner Elite group and I couldn't be more excited. I previously did a video tutorial on how Skyscanner works but I don't believe I went into the specifics of what all Skyscanner can do for you and your travels and WHY you should be utilizing their website. 

Before I moved to London, I had no idea what Skyscanner was but I heard about it from a fellow travel blogger. I immediately started using it to scope out flights and see what all they had to offer. I have not, as of late, been able to find cheaper flights on any other website/service. 

In this post, I'm going to show you some of my favorite things about Skyscanner that will hopefully make you want to start using them ASAP! 

Let's dive in! 

I'll admit...I'm partial to Skyscanner because they're who I love. However, I truly believe that you as well can benefit from their amazing services when planning out your travels. 

When I moved to Europe, I knew I wanted to have several weekends spent in different countries (because they're so close to each other) and I wanted to make use of my weeks off of school as well. 

The great thing about Europe is that you can fly between countries for little to no money. When I saw a travel blogger using Skyscanner, I knew the website was going to be my best friend. The first few weeks that I was in London, my flatmates and I got together and started looking through Skyscanner to see where we could go. At first, we were typing in countries that were of interest to us and seeing how much tickets might be during a certain free weekend we had coming up. Then, we found out about Skyscanner's "everywhere" search option. 

Check it out...

Skyscanner Everywhere Option

This is an A M A Z I N G feature for indecisive and flexible (location wise) travelers. Type in the airport that is closest to you (you can also just type in the country/city depending on how many airports there are in your vicinity) and in the "To" department, click "Flexible? Search 'Everywhere'. What this feature does is it takes your location, your dates and the number of travelers and searches for the cheapest locations for you to travel to. 


List of Locations via Skyscanner

It will compile a list of places, much like the image above, of places or countries that are cheapest for you to travel to. 

*Note, because I have my settings to USA and have put in the closest metropolitan airport to me, it is using North American results first. If you are in London, however, it will type in the United Kingdom and then other countries nearby that are relatively cheap to fly to.*

Places to Fly via Skyscanner

Once you click on the country that you are interested in traveling to (and that fits your budget) it will show you a list of cities within that country that are cheapest to fly to. 

So, for example, if I were to fly round-trip from Atlanta, Georgia during the month of March - it would be cheapest for me to fly to either Orlando or Boston. 

Calendar Option via Skyscanner

It doesn't show it...but I clicked on Orlando and the calendar of dates for March 2017 pops up. What you will want to note here is what each of the colors means:

Green - means that it's at the lowest price on these dates

Yellow - means that it's in between the lowest and the highest price

Red - means that is the highest price for those dates/month

Magnifying Glass Symbol - means that the price for that date (correlating to the departure date) will need to be checked.

There is also the option to do the Chart view, as seen below, but I much prefer the calendar view as it is easier to use and visually cleaner.

Chart Option via Skyscanner

Once you've decided on a date, click "Search Flights" and Skyscanner will then ask if you want to opt in to their newsletter program in order to create a price alert for these locations. 

I have opted into the newsletter program because they often have great articles and deals sent to your email! 

Newsletter Option via Skyscanner

Whether you click yes or no, it will then take you to the screen below where it shows a list of airlines going to your destination starting with the cheapest. 

Flight options via Skyscanner

You can manage your search preferences using the left sidebar options in order to get a more specific set of flights/data. 

Once you've decided on where your going, when you're going and what airline you're flying with - you will then proceed to the exciting part - booking your ticket! 

Results via Skyscanner

I always read the fine print before I purchase a flight because you just never know what will come up unless you read. So be sure to read the fine print and then click 'Select'. 

The Fine Print Skyscanner

Also, if you scroll down, you will notice that Skyscanner price checks with their competitors such as Orbitz and Kayak so that you are aware you are getting the best possible deal. *This is for travelers who like to scope out several different sites before making their final purchase!* 

Also, pictured below, is the option for airport shuttles, hotel rooms and rental cars. This is something that I love about Skyscanner because it's essentially a one-stop-shop! You can scope out hotels in the area that you are flying into, grab airport shuttle or rent a car if you'd like - all on one website! I also hear they are adding cruises some time soon and that is exciting! 

Add-ons via Skyscanner

Once you've selected all that you need to, you then proceed to the airline's page to purchase your flight and you're off on your next adventure! 

I'd love to see Skyscanner grow more and more in the North American market as it is so, so popular in Europe! It really is all that you would need when checking for flights, scoping out destinations for your next adventure or looking for hotels for that weekend getaway. 

Now that you know how to use it, have a look at their website to see where you can go in 2017 and check those bucket list places off the list! 

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Why Skyscanner Should Be Your Go-To for Cheap Flights!