The Queen's 90th Birthday Parade: A MUST SEE


I am so glad that I was in town for the Queen's 90th birthday parade. Apparently, it was the attended parade of hers and had millions of views on TV. I am so humbled and excited to have been a part of this amazing experience. I also highly recommend that if you are planning your trips for London next summer, to come in June! Whether or not it's her 90th birthday or not, this parade is a MUST SEE. 


I charged my camera and GoPro the night before with hopes that it would last through the day, because I knew it was going to be a long one. I was also taking over College Tourist's snapchat for the day and knew that my battery on my phone would drain quickly - so I brought my portable charger for that (thankfully). 

I woke up around 7am and headed into London, which I probably should have gotten up a lot earlier like I originally intended to. Once I made it to St. James Park, I saw already thousands of people gearing up for the parade that didn't start until 10:45. Once I secured my spot, I thought I was good until people started getting directly in front of me which was not pleasant. 

However, I recommend getting there as early as you possibly can and to get up next the barriers if at all possible. That's where NO ONE will be in your view or your way except the occasional police officer. Just do yourself a favor, get up EARLY. 

However, the shot of Kate Middleton that is at the beginning of the post came from when people left after the Queen headed to the coloring of the troops - but I stayed and got to move forward more to be closer to the barriers. She ended up not coming back the way towards us, but Kate Middleton did and I was SO excited.


The Royal Family came out onto the balcony after the Queen made it back to Buckingham after the coloring of the troops. It was Charlotte's first appearance and she kept holding her ears because the sound of the jets hurt her ears. It was the most adorable thing, ever. I was overwhelmed with excitement seeing the royal family. As someone who is from the states, which everyone knows, we are obsessed with the royal family. I'm not sure why - but I think it's just because they are really classy and always so put together. 

After the parade, it was a madhouse trying to get out of Buckingham... but once you turn the corner where you are about to leave St. James Park - I saw people standing up against the barriers so I stuck around to see what would happen. I'm so glad I did! I got up close shots of the soldiers and the band! So I would suggest that if you didn't get an up close position on the barrier to see the parade  - you should just hit the 'after parade' march up because it was great! They still played music as they marched and it was very entertaining! 

After the parade, I had one more stop on my itinerary: the naked bike ride!!! If you were in London and saw it - let me know because I could not stop laughing! It was the greatest thing, ever. I waited in the rain to see this and boy was it worth it. 

However, don't just think that they were riding naked for fun - it had a purpose. It is essentially a protest against oil dependency and how the car dominates our society. It is also a celebration of the bare body - you can read more at Time Out London

I enjoyed it so much and if there is one in your city or the one you are visiting - I highly recommend watching it, because it's great. 


Did you attend the Queen's 90th birthday parade? What was your favorite part AND where were you?! Naked bike ride - have you seen it or heard of it before? Let me know in the comments below! 

The Queen's 90th Birthday Parade