Everything You Need to Know Before 2017

You guys...what a year it has been. I've met and talked to several people who've said that 2016 has been the worst year, ever but for me it's been nothing short of life changing. 

I started 2016 with a boyfriend, a plan and several trips in the books - but what I didn't know is that 2016 would end with no boyfriend, no plan and no trips in the books. 

Life has a funny way of working out exactly how you need it to and I'm just along for the ride, honestly. I'm not the type to plan everything out and have a clear-cut idea of what I want my future to look like. To be honest, my future is super unclear to me and I have no idea what tomorrow, even next week, holds. What I do know is great things are coming, I have an adventurous spirit and I'm up for the challenge of figuring life out.

I don't know where I will be a year from now or what I will be doing; but I do know that this past year has changed me in more ways than one and I'd like to share a few of these with you. 


Listen, I know that change is hard and it challenges you mentally, physically and emotionally - but most of the time it teaches you something about yourself and it allows you to figure out what is best for YOU. 

I've looked back on my life so many times and realized that I often tried to force friendships that I knew weren't meant to be. Or, I tried to hold on to something just because I was comfortable and it was familiar. I can't and won't keep doing that to myself. 

I'm 25 and by now I know who deserves, yes deserves, to be in my life. I know who is going to create a positive atmosphere and who's just going to bring tons of negativity. I also know what's good for me now and what I want, relationship wise, out of life. Sometimes it's OKAY to be picky and I just want you to know that because you deserve the absolute best. Do not settle for anything LESS. 


I can't tell you how many times the past year I've gotten lost in a city or country and had no clue what to do. Honestly though, how exhilarating? To be in a place that you've never been, exploring streets like a local and having NO clue where you'll end up next. I find it all extremely exciting. 

Next time you're in a new city or you have an idea of where you want to go - throw it out the window! The most beautiful places come from those trips or walks where you had no idea where you would end up. 


Do you love long walks on the beach and a nice cold beverage? Just joking but in all seriousness...figure out exactly what it is that you love and do that. No matter what it cost and no matter what you might have to give up. Do exactly that. You're life isn't a series of repeats and you aren't going to get another chance to do what it is that you love. So do it now while you have the chance. 

I realized, during my time abroad, that I am happiest and I LOVE to travel. I could talk about it all day and I could look at flight deals all day. It's something that I genuinely love to do. Most people dread the airport and think that it's super stressful. I, however, get butterflies when I arrive because of where I might be going or the entire process. Some people hate planning trips and thinks it requires too much effort. I, however, love planning trips and figuring out what it is I want to do where I'm going. 

People often say that if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. So for me, even though I haven't quite figured out the blogging monetization thing just yet - I still love this blog. I love what I do for this blog and I love the opportunities it HAS given me in the past year. So my advice to you is to figure out what it is you love to do and chase it. Don't give up and don't settle just because society wants to box you into the 9-5 gimmick. We live in a day and age where anything is possible and the digital nomad lifestyle is bigger than ever. So do it. Live your daydream! 


I used to be full of excuses as to why I didn't want to do stuff or be scared to step out there on a limb and just live. This past year I grew in so many ways and I still look back and smile at all I've accomplished. 

I liked to scare my mom while I was on my travels by sending her pictures of me hanging off some cliff wherever I was. I used to never do this. I wouldn't even get anywhere close to an edge or anything high up. I would be terrified. I've ridden bikes in foreign countries (even scooters) and didn't fear anything once. 

Life happens and sometimes we forget that we aren't even living anymore. We get so stuck in this routine that it disables us from actually living our lives. I can't sit still anymore because I know there is a great big world out there just waiting to be explored. Sure, no one has money lying around for these wild adventures but if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. 

So, in 2017, just go. Go where you want to go. Visit a new city near you. Visit a new country you've never been to. Visit a relative you haven't seen in a while. Take a hike. Learn a new craft. Get a new hobby. Whatever it is...make 2017 a GREAT year and just GO. 

Listen, things are going to happen in the world around you that you aren't going to like or agree with. Things are going to happen that are scary and sometimes terrifying. Things are going to happen, every year, forever. 

No year is going to be perfect and no year is going to be a constant up with no downs. It's a roller coaster and if you don't enjoy it will pass you by before you know it. Don't be so focused on the negative and what's going on around you all the time. Focus on your life and how you want to live it. Focus on being a good person and spreading love wherever you go. Focus on living a life full of adventure and not of routine. Focus on making yourself happy and everything else will just work itself out. 

This year, for many people, was awful but for me it was the best year of my life. I will forever look back on 2016 and smile because it changed me from the inside out. Sure, things happened in 2016 that sucked and were terrible - but I chose to focus on the positive and the great things that are ahead of me. I can't dwell in this place of negativity and misery because it only brings others down. 

So, let's build each other up with positivity. Let's spread love and not negativity. Let's do the things we've always wanted to do because we only have this one life to do them. Let 2017 be great because YOU made it that way! 

So tell me, how was your 2016? What are your POSITIVE memories - share them below! 


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Everything You Need to Know Before 2017