A Guide to Christmas in London

Regent Street Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is ALMOST upon us and I’m 100% jealous of those who are still in London right now. It is one of the most magical places I’ve ever seen at Christmas time. There are lights everywhere, holiday cheer, ice skating, Christmas markets, light festivals, etc. EVERYTHING you could possibly want and more - London has got it going on. I’d like to give you a list or a guide so to speak of what you can do in London at Christmas time and how much everything cost in case you’re on a budget.

London Eye at Christmas

1. Ice Skating @ the London Eye ‘Eyeskate' or National History Museum 

    Price: £10-20

Christmas in London isn’t complete without ice skating at one of the two locations listed above. It’s just an iconic thing to do, honestly! I will never, ever forget ice skating in front of the London Eye. It’s one of those ‘pinch me’ moments that you can’t believe is actually happening. You can ice skate at the National History Museum as well and it’s absolutely stunning. Take your pick or go to both! If you love ice skating and generally having a good time - then why not! 



2. Drink Mulled Wine @ a Christmas Market

    Price: £2-5

Mulled wine is a classic drink to have around Christmas in London. It’s not my favorite thing to drink but I definitely had some while I was there last Christmas. I tried to find a picture of the mulled wine but it essentially looks like the one below. I’ve also attached the recipe at the bottom of this post in case you want to try it for yourself and add a classic, English tradition to your Christmas parties this year! 

Best Pubs to have Mulled Wine @ in London

Best Mulled Wine Recipe

3. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland  

    Price: Free Entry! 

I actually never got to experience the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I'm not exactly sure why but I heard it was worth it to pay a visit! So if you are in London, stop by and check it out.

4. Walk around Oxford & Regent street and Covent Garden to see the lights

Price: FREE ! 

Christmas on Oxford Street


When I say that London goes all out for christmas, I mean it. Every street, every alley and every department store goes to the 10 millionth degree for Christmas. Also, every year John Lewis releases their Christmas Advert which is a huge ordeal if you live in the UK. I’ve inserted it below so you can watch and maybe now you will make it a yearly tradition to watch it with your friends and loved ones. I’ve also posted one of my favorite ones from their past that I loved the most! 



Anyways, walking around the streets is completely free (minus the tube/bus fair to get there) and it’s SO worth it! I had the best time just gazing at the lights and being in complete awe that I was in London @ Christmastime. Also stop by and see Covent Garden, trust me, you won’t regret it. U N R E A L

5. Stop & get coffee at Costa or a local coffee shop ! 

Price: £2-5

After all the exhaustion of Christmas shopping and light seeing has warn off - stop into a Costa or local coffee shop for a pick-me-up! Costa had the cutest cups this past year (which I, for some reason, didn't take a picture of) and they always put me in the Christmas spirit. Make sure to have a side of cake or something sweet with your coffee - it just wouldn't be complete without it! 

London is by far one of the most spirited cities I've ever seen at Christmas time. Everywhere you look or turn there are Christmas decorations and they are there for almost two months so it's fun to enjoy them while they last. 



What would you recommend for Christmas in London? Let us know in the comments below! Also, I'm headed up to Ohio in a few days to visit my friend - let me know some things to do/see while there! 

A Guide to Christmas in London
Mulled Wine Recipe