Why a Blogging Break Isn't a Bad Thing

I was in a Twitter chat the other day and we were talking about blogging breaks and whether or not they were bad/good. Here lately I have felt bad about not blogging consistently and leaving you all hanging. Remember when I talked about blog scheduling and it's reality? Sometimes life gets in the way, however, and you just can't help but focus on it rather than your blog. That's why I think taking a break from blogging, isn't always a bad thing. 

How many times have you sat at your notebook wondering what the heck you are going to blog about? I have done this multiple times in the past week. It's not that my life hasn't been adventurous enough or interesting...it's just that life has truly gotten in the way. 

I'm supposed to head out on a year long adventure to London town starting September 14th, but here lately it seems as though that is so far away. There are still so many hoops I have to jump through and so many steps I have to complete before I can take off.. it's a little overwhelming. 

Not only did I send in my financial aid information about two and a half weeks ago, but I also forgot to send one thing in so processing my information/aid has been such a slow, long process. At times, I've felt hopeless and lost in this process but then I remember the big picture and try and revamp my excitement for London. Who knew processing aid & getting a visa would be the hardest part of all this? Most of all - the most EXPENSIVE part!? It's stressing me out but at the same time it's something that I've wanted to do so I can't let this get in my way. It's daunting & terrifying but it's also something that I want to do - so I have to make it happen! 

On top of preparing to leave the country I'm also dealing with my dwindling bank account. It's nerve-wracking to go to another country and not have a whole lot of money for the first two weeks but I will make it. It won't be impossible. 

There has just been so much that is going on and sometimes I forget that I have a blog to run. I can't wait till I can post adventure/travel posts and where I've been hanging out in London posts. For now, though, I will have to come to terms with the fact that life gets in the way sometimes and I don't always have time to sit down and blog or make a number of blog posts in advance. 

However, I did receive an awesome gift in the mail this week! It was a notepad that I had won in a Twitter chat - of all things! It's from Fran @ Free Borboleta

I'm also in the midst of planning the best yard sale my town has ever seen. I ordered a square card reader to accept debit/credit cards and I know that will be a huge hit! Lots of people don't carry a lot of cash so hopefully having that will produce more sales! I need all the money I can get before I head off across the pond!  (ALSO -- any tips for yard sales would be AMAZING!) 

I'm also researching backpacks and have completely fallen head over heels for this Tortuga one. Any suggestions? Cause I'm open to others as well. 

Have you been in a blogging slump lately? What do you do about it? Do you feel bad when you take a slight break from your blog?