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Essentials for a Drive-In Movie

I've been trying to rack my brain on what to do this summer because I leave in September...so I've been looking at bucket lists for summer and what we could do for cheap but also have fun. Not too far from where I'm from is a drive-in movie theater. *Light bulb*. I thought it would be fun, especially on a summer night, and they were playing the Avengers which we hadn't seen yet. My boyfriend, God love him, will do anything asked of him and so I think just to please me we went, ha! It started out as a fun trip and I was excited to get our car all set up and get settled for the movie! But, with us, nothing ever comes THIS easy...

I know this is an "essentials" post and so I wanted to let you know what I thought was perfect for going to a drive-in movie! I packed:

-Kettle popcorn
-Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunch
-Cotton Candy
-Sweet Tea

This is not the only things that are perfect for a drive-in but these were VERY easy for us to eat and maintain in the car! Also, fruit on a hot summers night is magic. Oh and not pictured is bug spray. Mosquitos in the south are not a joke and so we sprayed ourselves twice with bug spray that contained Deet in it! Make sure you get that stuff because it is a lifesaver. Not one single bug bite! We also had the mosquito repellent candle going as a lot of the other cars did too.. very good idea. My boyfriend also sweats, a lot, and so he brought battery powered fans which was hilarious but also practical. I so enjoyed cooling off when it got a little to hot because lets face it - being in the back of a car cramped up with stuff and in the heat isn't fun the entire time.. 

Are these mason jars not the most adorable things on the planet? Obsessed. 

Are these mason jars not the most adorable things on the planet? Obsessed. 

Sometimes my town can be really pretty. I saw this sunset opportunity at a gas station stop. Needless to say I had to take a picture! 

Sometimes my town can be really pretty. I saw this sunset opportunity at a gas station stop. Needless to say I had to take a picture! 

I know it's not the prettiest thing you've ever seen - but it was cool once the movie started playing..however, this is when the real s$#@show began. 

We settled into our little nest in the back and once the movie began it was so dark we could barely see what was going on and the station you were supposed to tune into had SO much static. We couldn't hear what they were saying and we couldn't see but we had only paid $5 to get in so we thought "Get what you pay for" right? No. I couldn't take it. So Anthony went up to the concession stand and told them that it was pretty bad quality. Apparently there was already four other guys up there complaining as well so I didn't feel bad for sending him, haha! 

Once the movie got better I was okay! We had taken Anthony's old car, an Escalade, because there was more room to maneuver around. He was scared though because it's an older car and the battery on it isn't too good. Honestly, I don't understand how they expect you to watch a movie outside unless you bring your own radio OR you leave the car on the entire time. Does that not waste gas? I mean, c'mon. So, he was getting a little paranoid that the car wouldn't start and sure enough when he went to test it out it didn't start. I was laughing hysterically - I don't know why - but I just thought seriously.....this is my life. We ALWAYS have something go wrong or something happen which I guess creates for a good/funny story in the end! 

Luckily, the guy next to us helped us out by jumping our car. So nice of him cause they missed a good 5 minutes of the movie doing so! *Thanks stranger!!* Once the car started we left it on/running and continued watching the movie - which by that point I didn't even know what was going on. 

We finished the movie and from what we saw of it - it was AMAZING. I'm only biased because I have a deep love for Robert Downey Jr. and all that he does. Am I right?! 

I hope that you're summer is full of adventures as mine has been so far and that you have plenty of stories to tell! What have you been up to? Do you have a funny experience like ours? Let me know in the comments below!! I'd love to hear : ) 

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