Top 10 Things to do in New Orleans 2015 {From the Archives}

The Big Easy is one of the most vibrant places I've ever been. How can you not have an amazing time in this city? I recently took a trip to New Orleans for my 23rd birthday and I want to share a few things that I did but also a few things that I wish I could have done. If you are planning a visit to NOLA any time soon - I hope this list is helpful in your adventures!

1. One of the first things you will want to do in New Orleans is visit Jackson Square

Located directly in the center of the French Quarter - it is surrounded by history that you won't want to miss. 

2. Cafe Du Monde - This was by far one of my most favorite places in New Orleans. Known for their to-die-for a beignet and coffee; Cafe Du Monde did not disappoint.

3. St. Charles Line - Hop Aboard! The St. Charles Avenue Streetcar is one of the best things you will invest in. Walking in New Orleans is a pain when you don't have a $3 streetcar pass. It was so much more convenient to ride those from destination to destination and it was a blast.

4. Garden District Mansions - The St. Charles stops near the Garden District and you will want to put this on your list! These are some of the most gorgeous houses you will ever see. They even have one with the theme "Wedding Cake House". How cool is that?

5. The French Market - In the short time I was in NOLA, I was unable to visit the French Market. My biggest regret! I heard it was magnificent and full of great places to grab authentic souvenir so you should definitely check it out if you are ever in the area.

6. St. Louis Cemetery #1 - The day we visited the cemetery it was raining so hard but I think that it just added to the atmosphere of the place. Being the oldest cemetery in New Orleans (1789) it is definitely a maze with tombs and crumbling bricks. Marie Laveau's remains are there and while we tried to find them but we were not successful in the slightest! Hopefully you will be.

7. Algiers Ferry - We weren't able to do this but I would have loved to have taken a ride on along the Mississippi River - for free! You can go across and grab lunch on the other side and it runs daily! 

8. Street Performers - The first night we were exploring the city, we heard a woman on a violin playing the theme song to Titanic. It. Was. Magical. The street performances are something you should just stop and listen to. They are definitely one of a kind and New Orleans is so rich with talent that you don't want to miss it! 

9. Mardis Gras - Beads, festivals, and Nola oh my! One of the biggest celebrations of the year and it is surely something you will want to be a part of. I haven't had the pleasure of going yet but I am sure that it is a good time for all.

10. Magazine Street - This street stretches on for  6 miles with dozens of antique shops, clothing boutiques, and restaurants/bars.

If you are in New Orleans and feel like shopping - be sure to check this place out! 


I hope that if you are ever in New Orleans this list will help you out. There is so much more to do in the colorful city that is NOLA but this is just a condensed list of things that I've done/recommend.


Have you ever been to New Orleans? If so, what was your favorite part?