A Summer Full of New Beginnings

This summer has been a summer of new beginnings. I moved home from college for the first time in 5 years, I thought we were moving to Tennessee for my Dad's new job but it turns out he has a new on in Birmingham so we are staying AND I'm preparing to move out of the country for a year! Lots going on but one of the most fun things that we do here lately is go out on our new boat! It's something that all the locals do on the weekends because we have a really nice, big lake in our town and we've joined the party! So exciting! 

I grew up riding dirt bikes, swimming all day long and having endless adventures - but I had never had my own boat. My cousins all had them but we never got one and we lived on the Ohio River! It was crazy! 

It's only taken us about 10 years living in Alabama to catch onto what everyone does on the weekends - boat. I live in a really small town - when I'm not in college - and that's just what people do. There literally is nothing else to do. My boyfriend's family also got two jet ski's, which up until last weekend I had never been on one before either, and they are a blast! We went tubing on one and it was SO hard. I don't know why it's so different from a boat but it is ROUGH. The second I fell off, I felt like a ton of bricks hit me in my head. Not fun at all. But, we spent the whole weekend on the boat this past weekend. Anthony asked me when I was going to blog about it and I hadn't really thought about blogging about my lake day's but since we do spend so much time out there I thought - why not? Why not show you all what I do on the weekends!? 

Tubing is not hard but boy does it work your arm muscles. The first time we went tubing I was sore for about two days after. Now, I think my arms are used to it so they are only a little sore but I will say this - if you have a boat or any type of water device it is the BEST exercise! We've tried wake boarding and haven't been able to get above the water - it's so sad - so if ANYONE has any tips PLEASE help me out! We've watched countless youtube videos and nothing has helped. Maybe we are helpless, ha? 

There is this island on our lake that someone bought and turned into "Treasure Island" for kids. It is magic. It has a hammock on it, a book corner and palm trees. It's not even the size of an apartment but it is in the perfect location for boats to pull up and just swim and enjoy the day. That is typically where all the boats are, we found out, and we tend to stay away cause they can get kind of crazy. The only reason I got to even go see it is because we drove the jet ski's up there and walked around a bit. There's also an island that a man bought where he put two goats on it and you have to go on a boat to feed them... what? Small town I tell ya! 

Like I said previously, this summer is all about new beginnings! I'm super excited to prepare for a year abroad in London, England but at the same time enjoy the time that I have at home with my family!! I think we've been taking full advantage of the beautiful summer days before I head to an overcast in England so...

What have you been doing this summer? Anything new and exciting? What are you gearing up for in the fall? Let me know in the comments below!