Tuesday Roundup

I have been wanting to start a series for a while now, I just haven't figured out what I wanted to do until now. I didn't want to do the typical favorites because my favorites tend to stick around more than week so I thought that would be boring. I moved on to wanting to do a roundup of my favorite reads from that previous week to share with everyone! I figured it would be a good way for you to learn something new and find new blogs! So, thus 'Tuesday Roundups' was born! Let's get started! 


1. This post was written by Emma Bates who is a contributing writer for World of Wanderlust. As soon as I saw this article, I thought about how a lovely fellow blogger told me that once I get to London I need to explore Notting Hill...so I had to read this post!  This post gives you tips on where to get good food, workout, get a nice beer and see a movie! It details everywhere that you should go that is more local than touristy (which I love)! I hope that if you are planning a trip there or if you live there already and didn't know about these places - that you will check them out! 


2. This post is found on Lauren Conrad's blog and it is awesome! This list is perfect for any lady that spends majority of her day at her desk! From lip balm to flip flops she has everything you can think of! I would definitely check this post out if you are looking into what to keep at your desk! 


3. I absolutely adore this blog post by Becky Bedbug ! It is absolute magic. In here, she details all the "wrong" reasons for blogging but yet how they are so right and how there is no "wrong" reason for blogging. I definitely recommend reading this so that you aren't defending why you decided to blog. Realize that there is no wrong way or reason to blog and that what you're doing is perfectly fine! 


4. This post by Naomi, from Oh Hello Mango is genius and so true. She details 21 things that twenty somethings are obsessed with such as: Netflix marathons, pugs and throwing dinner parties with fancy wines. I mean how true is all of this? If you are twenty something or want to relive your twenties then read this article! It is so spot on.

5. I'm a sucker for good photography and I love Take Courage's blog photography. So this post is for all your picture lovers but is also a really awesome guide to Amsterdam. I can't wait to visit Amsterdam and so I naturally migrated towards this post! I hope that you love it as well and maybe learn a thing or two about Amsterdam! 


What are some of your favorite posts this week? I'd love to read some new posts! Comment in the section below and let me know! 

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