A Guide for Bloggers: The Best iPhone Apps

Every blogger I know has a smartphone and with that smartphone comes a neat little thing called "apps". There are certain apps that I believe, as a blogger, are necessary to have don't you? So this is a guide for you so that you get the best possible apps that will help make blogger better/easier for you! 


  • Social Media. This is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin & Pinterest. I also have Tumblr but it’s not necessarily a must. As a blogger, having social media accessible to you at all times is a must! Say you are out and have the best outfit put together and want to document it..how are you going to do that immediately so that your followers have something to read/look at throughout the day? Your smartphone/apps! I have gotten better about posting to Instagram - I will try and do about 3-4 posts per day. Whereas on Twitter you want to stay on the constant almost. It is good to give yourself breaks and stay off the internet at times but that is what scheduling is for! Pinterest is also super easy on a smartphone.. I almost prefer using it on my phone vs. on the computer! Also, to touch on Bloglovin, you can’t comment which is a downside but I like to go and save posts so I can read through them later! :)
  • Scheduling apps. These are Hootsuite, crowdfire, etc. Hootsuite is good for pre-planned Facebook or Twitter posts! I use it all the time when I know I am going to be gone for the day or I am going to be neglecting my blog because of family time! It’s magic and it really is a blogger’s best friend. Crowdfire also will send out thank you messages or whatever you want to your recent followers on Twitter. It just helps personalize it a bit and make sure they are welcome and that you are thankful to have them!
  • Photography. Afterlight, VSCO Cam, A Beautiful Mess, Pic Collage, etc. These are anything you want it to be! However, I highly recommend afterlight & VSCO Cam! I am majorly obsessed with their editing abilities and especially for iPhone photography - they are the bomb + they are free! Can’t get much better than that.
  • Analytics. Google Analytics, squarespace metrics, etc. Anything that you can track what you need to, download it! It saves me so much time rather than logging into my computer and checking the stats! Plus it’s so easy to read on your phone - very user friendly! This is something you can add to that morning routine when you are checking your social media pages + analytics!
  • Email. I don’t know about you but my email is synced to my phone! Sometimes it is so much quicker to type out a quick email on your phone rather than, again, login to your computer to do so! *Notice how my email is almost 10,000 omg.
  • Blogging. This is where you can add whichever blogging platform you have to your phone! I used to have blogger and it wasn’t great but I have heard Wordpress isn’t too bad. I have squarespace now and it is super easy to navigate and use on the app as well as online!

I hope this list was helpful for you as a blogger! Let me know if you download any of them OR what you would add to the list. What has become your "go to" app as a blogger?

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