Weekend with Nature

Y'all.... Yes, I just used a southern term. Don'tjudgeme. I didn't grow up hiking or spending LOTS of time outdoors. I love to travel & see new places but as far as immersing myself in the depths of forests - it's just not for me. Well, the boyfriend bought tickets to do a ropes course in one of Alabama's many parks and I figured I couldn't say no. It was already paid for so what's a girl to do? Spend an hour in the air on tight ropes of course. 

So the walk to the ropes course wasn't ugly or anything. It was actually quite gorgeous! It had just rained the day before and was somewhat cloudy that day, so it was extra pretty and green. Plus, we were in good spirits. We were excited to try something new, we hadn't been through it yet, we were open-minded and then that all went to hell when we actually went through it. 

Looks easy, doesn't it? Like, "oh yeah, this won't be hard at all!" Wrong! It got much worse after this. Of course, my boyfriend wants to take the hardest route instead of easing into it and going with the easier option...so there we are.. had never done this before in our lives and we are going down the hardest route. My arms were hurting, my hands were cramping, I was dizzy because I hadn't eaten breakfast - it was a S!@# show. 

I mean, I don't know if you can tell... but we are about 15 feet off the ground, maybe 20, and on the thinnest rope in the world. That tree, you see me leaning on, was my best friend halfway through. I thought for sure I was going to die out there in the middle of the forest. Just leave me, I don't care, it's not worth finishing. It was soooo hard. But, I gathered my strength, was sweating like a pig and continued on. 

This here, this is me giving up. I was in about four ropes before I realized this was much harder than what we had previously done. I didn't want to keep going. I wanted to just give up and let myself down...but then I thought "I'm not a quitter, I can do this!" So I continued on but with multiple, multiple breaks. Again, it was soooo hard. 

After the exhausting hour was over, we had to hike back to our car. I don't know how I survived this because I was dead to the world. I had nothing in me but coffee and I probably just burned about 2082985203million calories... and now I have to walk back to the car!? No thank you. 

Overall, however, I will say it was fun to do something different and so challenging. I am still hurting, two days later, but I know that if I were to ever do it again I'd be able to for sure! It's good to push yourself and challenge yourself every now and again. I hope that this has made you want to get out there and try something you haven't before!! 

What would you like to do? What's something on your bucket list you want to cross off this summer? I'm excited to find out so leave me a comment below! 

**I'm also thinking of doing a list about my college experience..what to do, how to be involved, what my time was like, etc. What do you think?! Let me know below! 

Voyageur Kalee