Generator Dream Job: Why You Should Pick Me!

I recently received an email, that typically I would delete, but this one caught my eye. It is for the "Dream Job" with Generator. Basically, you go to summer festivals all across Europe and document them! This post is entering me into the competition to potentially win and so I will be describing why I deserve to win! 

Let's start with this picture of London, England. For the past eight months I have been tirelessly working towards going to graduate school in the UK. I thought that it was just a dream and that it would never happen - but what happens when you get a really determined individual who doesn't give up on her dreams? You get an admissions letter into the school of your choice in London, England. It blew my mind but that was just what I needed to fuel my wanderlust and travel to a foreign country. I am super excited to be going over there and I believe that this makes me the perfect candidate for this "job". I'm willing to move places on my own, I'm willing to travel, I'm independent, I am a go-getter and I have been dreaming of Europe for years. Going to festivals would be the icing on top of the cake. 

I graduated college. I know for some people this is just an every day thing, but for me it was a HUGE accomplishment. I took two years off after my freshman year and I thought I would never go back. But, with perseverance and determination - I got myself back into school and was determined to finish with honors - and that's exactly what I did. I finished in the top 20% of my class and I was involved out the wazoo on campus. Graduating college is big because this means that I'm ready for adventure and since I'm already moving to Europe later this fall, I'm even more ready to go! I would love to spend the summer backpacking/attending festivals before I have to settle into another school routine! 


I am obsessed with my Nikon camera & iPhone and am always taking photos everywhere I go. Part of the gig is being able to post on Instagram & Twitter but also be able to blog for Generator - I got that covered. I am obsessed with social media and sharing experiences - I'm also obsessed with blogging and so it's a win/win. I get to do what I love and you all get the content that you need! 

I can only ask that you consider me for this position. I would love more than anything to contribute my thoughts, content, pictures and experiences at these festivals! It would also be the experience of a lifetime before I settle into London for graduate school! 

Thanks for the consideration,

Voyageur Kalee