St. George Island Getaway

This past weekend, I went on a trip with my boyfriend to St. George Island. Before we did that, we went to a gaming convention for him for a few days, I know, super nerdy! But I love him, so I didn't mind tagging along. It actually turned out to be quite fun! Onto the island though...

This trip didn't start out in the easiest way...we were driving on the interstate, in my boyfriends' brand new car, and we were kind of stuck beside a semi-truck and the grass..when all of a sudden we see a HUGE piece of a semi-truck's tire just sitting in the middle of our lane. He had no choice but to drive over it and his new car is fairly low to the ground unlike his last. It was pretty scary! All we heard was a pop and something dragging. So we pulled over and his whole front bumper was dragging and messed up. It was not a good start but he is completely calm about it (which I wouldn't have been) and we patched it up and moved on ! He is getting it fixed today, don't worry! 

The island was sooooo pretty! It apparently was called the "uncommon" Florida because it's only locals there. It took us a while to get there from Tallahassee, a lot of back roads, but a really pretty bridge that went across the water. I'm not one who longs or desires to live on a beach, I'm more of a city girl, but it definitely was a pretty site to take in. 

When we first got on the island, we were starving so we ate at this cute little restaurant called the Blue Parrot. It was so good! It was right on the beach and it had live music - super great environment! We got an appetizer that had cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers and scallops? I can't remember exactly what the last thing was - it definitely wasn't my favorite though! 

We weren't really planning on staying at the beach for very long. We still had a 7 hour drive ahead of us and it was just a short stop! We wanted to wind down and relax a bit before we hit the road. We saw a few starfish, he swam in the ocean, we took a few pictures and then we packed up! It was the best two hours I've had since graduation.. just relaxing and spending time with my love! 

I made Anthony, my boyfriend, pull over so that I could take a picture of this gorgeous sunset! I couldn't get over how pretty it was driving home ! 

At this part in the post, I wanted to do something a little different! I asked a few people on Twitter what their summer plans were - so that I could do a sort of "link up" party. Please check out these lovely bloggers and their summer adventures below!

Natasha, from NatashaParisBlog, is hoping to be placed as a camp counselor at a US Summer camp. You can follow her blog here! Good luck Natasha, I hope you find a place to join real soon!! 

Kate, from Beauty Babbles, is hosting her very first blogger meet up in London in July! You can view that here and check out her blog here ! Good luck Kate! I wish I was there already so I could come! :) 

Sparkles of Light Blog, plans on spending her summer exploring Scotland. Can you say, jealous?? I hope you have an awesome time and you can check out her blog here

Liam, from Life of a Thinker, will be planning & writing his very first completed novel. How excited! I can't wait to read it Liam. You can check out his blog here

Emily, from Emily Faye's Little World, plans to just relax and recover from exams (I feel ya!) Hopefully get the job she applied for, in benefit too, so she has something to occupy her time! Crossing my fingers for you Emily. You can check out her blog here

Christine, from Dimes & Donuts, is planning to spend as much time outdoors as soon as her broken foot heals.. wishing you all the best Christine! Hopefully it heals soon. You can check out her blog here

Krystal, From Little Beauty Bug, is helping her sister prepare for university, as well as preparing herself for makeup artistry school! Also, planning some new super exciting blog things and is hoping to get a job! Good luck Krystal I wish you all the best! You can check out her blog here! 

Brooke, from the Brooke Elise blog, is working & hoping to get busier as time goes along but right now she's just along for the ride! Best way to be Brooke! Hopefully it gets busier for you :). You can check out her blog here

Rachel, from Twisted Beauty, is planning to finally go on a holiday after 3 years of uni with no holiday. Celebrating being a quarter of a century old and hopefully buying a house with a garden so she can sunbathe outside! How exciting! A lot is going on for Rachel and you can check it all out here on her blog! 

Sanya, from Desire4Beauty, plans to do the NCS challenge and go on a college shopping spree and be more consistent with her blog and youtube! She also hopes to hit 300 blog followers and do a giveaway! Help Sanya out! Her links are here and here

A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted what their summer plans were! I hope that as you read their summer plans it inspires you to do something as well! Speaking of... what are your summer plans? Have you been on any trips that you could share!? I'd love to hear all about it in the comment section :) 

Xo, Voyageur Kalee